Mobile Websites Trump Apps

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I have had many clients over the past few years wanting to develop an iPhone app to integrate with their website. I always ask the same question. Why? The answer is usually the same, because they are popular and they want to take advantage of the rush. I always suggested going with a mobile version of their website instead of an app.

More than 90% of the companies out there looking to develop a 'mobile application' for the iPhone or Android could easily get away with creating a mobile version of their website instead, for the same cost (if not less) than building a native app. A mobile website will work across all devices and you are not having to maintain multiple apps for multiple OS systems.

After all my huffing and puffing about it, I finally have some hard evidence to back me up. Nielsen just released statistics for the 2011 holiday shopping season, showing that mobile websites were used more often than the companies actual apps.  

So again, if you are looking at going mobile, you need to ask yourself if a native app is your best solution.

Kray Mitchell hails from Calgary, Alberta, and is an educator at heart. Through speaking, workshops, consulting and training, he aims to assist people with understanding the technology that affects their day to day lives.
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