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It doesn't matter where you go these days, everywhere you turn sex is staring you in the face. You can't turn the pages of a magazine or a newspaper, change the channel on your TV or surf the web without being exposed to a flood of sexually charged material.

There is no question that sexuality has led the charge in advertising for a long time, and has been pushing the bounds of decency for years. I recently posted the above ad, for Aston Martin Used Cars, on Twitter as an effective piece of marketing. While fake, the ad went viral for exactly that reason, it grabbed the target market and slapped them in the face. A couple people however, found the ad to be distasteful and degrading to women. While I agree wholeheartedly, that doesn't make the ad any less effective for the target market.

So what does that say about us as a society? The problem doesn't just lie in the hands of the agencies creating this stuff, it lies in the hands of the general public to not consume it like the last molocules of air. Walk around your office one day after a 'big event' on TV, listen to women swooning over the latest bachelor. Or watch the men drooling over the latest Sunshine Girl in the paper. While women are definately sexualized more than men, there seems to be no bounds anymore based on sex, age or race.

While agencies have pulled campaings after complaints from the public, it does nothing for the overall cause. If an ad gets pulled, it's sure to go viral and spread further than it could have running on it's own. In an effort to stop the spread of such materials the exact opposite becomes the reality. Just take a look at some of the biggest corporate scandals and see how easy it is for people to bounce back. 

We, as people, need to stop demanding and consuming the sexualized propeganda. We need to stop sexualizing ourselves. From pre-teen girls buying short skirts and halter tops to boys striving for the ripped abs and bulging muscles, there is a whole generation of youth (And adults) emulating celebrities trying to cramb themself into an unrealistic mold being forced onto us as the norm by big media and society.

So what can we do to stop it? That is the true question, one that gets more important to answer the further forward we go.

Kray Mitchell hails from Calgary, Alberta, and is an educator at heart. Through speaking, workshops, consulting and training, he aims to assist people with understanding the technology that affects their day to day lives.
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