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Visitors Don't Want to Click, Scroll and Tap.

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It doesn't matter your opinion on the subject. Anytime a user has to do an extra click, scroll or zoom on your website to obtain the information they came for, it is a bad User Experience. You think it's OK because it just takes a second, or because you can do it just fine? Re-read my first statement.

Users are not coming to your website to tap and scroll. They come to get, or provide, information. So LET THEM! Stop getting in their way, cramming your website with needless sidebars, extra navigation, filler content and most importantly non-responsive design.

People are always telling me things like 'Well it's just one extra click' or 'It's easy to scroll' like this will be the ONLY website a user visits in a day and that a hundred extra clicks or scrolls per day doesn't translate into seriously wasted time and energy. Start with a mobile first design strategy, rewire your brain out of the desktop first mentality and you will be well on your way. Simplify.

Having an excellent user experience only translates into good news for you. People will stay at your website longer, people will buy more from you and they will be more likely to share your content or products.

The old adage still rings true, Keep It Simple Stupid, and will always be true. When we let opinions get in the way of user experience, we get what we want but our customers or users do not. It can be a difficult task, but fighting for what is right is always worth it. Let's do whatever we can to keep our opinions and egos in check for the sake of a better web.

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Kray Mitchell hails from Calgary, Alberta, and is an educator at heart. Through speaking, workshops, consulting and training, he aims to assist people with understanding the technology that affects their day to day lives.
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