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Must Have Mac Apps for 2014 It's no surprise to people who know me that somebody looking for a Mac, or an application for said Mac, would come to me for advice. In the past 5 years I have assisted at least six people purchase new machines and countless others find solutions for their application needs. As I am continually asked things like "What program should I get for [Enter Purpose Here]?". Due to the popularity of that question, I bring you the Must Have Mac Apps for 2014 according to Kray. Let's get to it! AppZapper: The uninstaller that Apple forgot. While installing an application is usually as simple as dropping it into your Applications folder, uninstalling is not quite as straight forward. While you can simply delete that app when you're done with it, all sorts of dependancies are left hanging around your system folder. They are not only taking up space, but they can...
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