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Custom Molded eers Headphones, Blocks Unwanted Sound While I've had many pairs of headphones over the years, my eers by Sonomax are by far one of the best I have owned. They reminded me again how awesome they were as I sat on a plane, directly in front of a crying baby, and didn't hear a thing. First let me say that I despise earbuds. I have awkwardly shaped ears and none have ever been able to stay in properly, they always fall out or end up having horrible sound because of it's positioning. For years the costs of custom molded earbuds have kept me from purchasing a set, but then I came across the eers at a great price and decided to give them a try. The DIY kit comes packaged in a beautiful custom box, reminiscent of something you would get from Apple, complete with simple instructions for the molding process. Within 15 minutes, you with...

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2013 Gifts for Geeks Tis' the season for holiday giving. While I always see Geek Gift Guides this time of year, I have noticed that they seem to always focus on newly released products that may not even deserve to be there, but seem to get in because it's 'new'. Here are 5 awesome gifts for the geek in your life that won't break the bank (too much). These are ordered from cheapest to most expensive and are sure to generate school girl giggles and squeals of delight in geeks of all ages. Click photos to see full size image. 5. Customized iDevice - $25 and up Having an iPhone or other iDevice just doesn't make you stand out like it used to. With millions of units sold each quarter and all devices appearing on the top devices lists every year, you can't go anywhere without seeing them. Sure, you can get yourself a skin...
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