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He's pulled cable at the Junos, wrangled singers for Canadian Idol, configured edit suites for feature films and implemented technical solutions for companies of all sizes. He's designed for print, directed short films and has been building websites since the late 90s (including ecommerce solutions with PCI Compliance).

An avid promoter of education, Kray has trained groups and individuals on everything from web design to best practices for digital security and customer service. He has also taught Continuing Education HTML & CSS at Western Canada's largest polytechnic and provides online courses available as well.

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With a natural ability to captivate and engage an audience, Kray's energy will infuse your event with an entertaining and educational experience.

You can select from a predefined topic or work with Kray to provide a talk or workshop that is tailored to your unique requirements.

Speaking Engagments Hover for details:

  • HOW Design Live 2015 Chicago
  • Northstar Technologies 2015
  • North American Club Athletic Directors Conference 2014
  • KD Professional Corp. Opportunity Expo 2014
  • Business Connect 2014


Kray has assisted numerous clients and employers in finding the right solutions for their organizations.

He specializes in customer service, user experience, web technology, cloud applications and cost reduction. From ensuring your website is doing it's job to providing solutions to help your team be more efficient and productive.


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