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Responsive Doesn't Mean Mobile First There is a lot of confusion these days about Responsive and Mobile First design. While they do work hand in hand, they are not one in the same. Just because your website is Responsive doesn't mean it was built with a priority on Mobile First design. Here's how it usually works. A company has a desktop design and they get somebody to make it responsive (Responsive Retrofitting as seen in the image). It's understandable. For large corporations, a redesign from the ground up could be very costly and time consuming. The issue is, this doesn't solve any problems for other devices and leads to worse user experiences throughout anything that's not a desktop computer. While it does provide a better experience on mobile than a standard desktop site, there is so much more that can be done to increase the experience across a range of screen sizes. When you start with...

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Flat Doesn't Mean Monotone I've noticed a disturbing trend in designs lately. With everything going to a 'flat' design look, it seems designers think that this means they also have to make everything as monotone and as bland as possible. STOP IT! All you're doing is making your apps more difficult to use. You are sacrificing usability for a 'clean' look, and it's not worth it. My example here is with (Sorry guys!). I'm a huge fan of Desk and have been using them for years in different capacities. When they released a preview of their new Agent Interface I was very excited... until I saw it. I really hope that they do some additional design changes to this before releasing it to the general public (It's currently in beta). Here is the current iteration of the interface. With a quick glance you are not only able to see which cases are open,...
User Experience spans far beyond software and apps. When people hear the words UX/User Experience, they tend to think of website and web apps. In reality, user experience is a part of your day to day life with every product you use. If you have ever been frustrated by a coffee maker that was a pain to program, or have an indicator on your dashboard that is hard to see, then you have had a poor 'user experience'. Most companies, small and large, have trouble grasping the simple concept that users want and crave simplicity. Apple's rise to the top wasn't a fluke, it was calculated. Finding ways to simplify your products and services to provide the ultimate user experience is the key to winning over your prospect, no matter your product or service. After nearly five years without a motorbike, I finally got another one this year. As all my bikes have been Kawasaki, I went with them...

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I know, I know, I say UX and everybody looks at me like it's some kind of STI or something. UX stands for User Experience and so incredibly important to web and app design these days. When users come to your website or downloads your app, they are looking for something that is a) easy to use, b) beautiful and c) easy to use! The user experience starts before a user has even selected your app, so you have to ensure everything from your marketing to the end use works well and gives people a reason to keep using it. Take a look at the top apps in the iOS App store, specifically the ones that have been in the top 100 apps since their release. Obviously, not ones that were JUST released as they don't have any historical significance, but look at the all time top sellers and see what...
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