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From my failed attempt to gain access to Twitter to 'dancing like nobody was watching', the HOW Live conference was an amazingly inspiring experience all the way around. From the amazing people I met to the people I heard speak. The experience made me realize that I have not been walking enough talk and that I have a few things that I would really like to focus on. Creativity is an addiction and I must feed it. Over the next 6 months I will be concentrating some efforts on heavily modifying my website and content to be the most up to date and informative that I can make it. I will also be working on my content strategy quite a bit, so you will see some major changes to everything on the site. It's going to be awesome. I simply cannot contain my excitement about moving forward, there is so much...

I have had a few questions recently about the difference between the descendant and child selectors in CSS. The whole ancestry thing can be confusing, but hopefully this will clear it up for you.

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I have shared this on social media already, but I want to make sure I have it elsewhere too. If you watch only one video this year, it should be this one.

Why you never copy and paste from MS Word

Whenever I build a website these days, I use the Joomla! Content Management System which comes with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for adding content. The large majority of sites built on a CMS (From Joomla! to SharePoint) have editors like this for easy addition of content by people who have no coding experience.

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I have always found it funny when I hear people complain about their great new product they got and how they spent X amount of time with some *expletive* support person in India who can't speak their language. I find it funny because the whole reason you get somebody in India or other third world country is because of the overwhelming laziness of the general population. Have you noticed recently that more and more products come without manuals, unless you go online and download it? Let's take a trip back shall we. There was a time when all computers, printers and accessories came with a manual and access to excellent support options. It was the good old days of computers and the internet, and as it grew and as shows like Jersey Shore took over our airwaves, people seem to have gotten lazy and feel like the world owes them everything....
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