It is the age of the internet. We have surpassed Web 2.0 and moved onto the Mobile Web (Even though a large majority of users have yet to figure out Web 1.0!). Many people don't realize how valuable a media server can be until they aren't paying a $200 cable bill every month.

Yes, I know how dirty that sounds (And yes, that's half the reason I led with it) but believe me, it is a lot of fun! First, let's start with a definition since it has nothing to do with self pleasure (That's the old business people, keep up here). Rasterbation is the process of taking an image and resizes it to enormous sizes that can be printed using a standard printer!

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As soon as the internet started picking up steam, criminals found ways to start scamming people (Technologically speaking, as scams are as old as time itself). From the Nigerian Prince to the fake banking emails, email scams have lured millions of people into revealing their personal information. As technology evolved, so have the scams. One of the biggest things to remember in phishing scams, is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Nobody is going to pay some stranger on the internet to transfer money or hold money for them, this is just basic common sense. The second thing to remember is that no reputable website or company will send emails entitled 'Dear user'. Large corporations, especially banks will NEVER send you an email telling you about an account issue, they will call you directly. But that doesn't mean you should take a call from a 'bank representative'...

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Dropbox Syncs with all your devices.
In an era where data is the new gold, keeping your data accessible and backed up at all times can be a huge pain, especially if you are bouncing from device to device. Cloud based storage services are popping up everywhere, offering all kinds of packages for all types of uses. There is one service that stands out above the rest for absolute simplicity and ease of use. Dropbox is bar none my favorite cloud sharing service, it's brilliant implementation and simplicity put it's light years ahead of the competition. Download, install, treat it like any other folder on your computer. As you put files in, it immediately starts syncing and then is available via web and mobile applications as soon as the sync is done (Seconds for small files such as Word Docs, but could take a bit with large graphic, video or audio files). You can't get much more dummy proof...

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I have had many clients over the past few years wanting to develop an iPhone app to integrate with their website. I always ask the same question. Why? The answer is usually the same, because they are popular and they want to take advantage of the rush. I always suggested going with a mobile version of their website instead of an app. More than 90% of the companies out there looking to develop a 'mobile application' for the iPhone or Android could easily get away with creating a mobile version of their website instead, for the same cost (if not less) than building a native app. A mobile website will work across all devices and you are not having to maintain multiple apps for multiple OS systems. After all my huffing and puffing about it, I finally have some hard evidence to back me up. Nielsen just released statistics for the...
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