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You're probably thing 'WTF is blue tiger?', well, let me tell you it's exciting news. Steve Jobs may hate the idea of a stylus on a tablet, but I only partially agree. Trying to write on an iPad/iPhone with your finger is not an easy task, and trying to jot quick notes makes for layers of chicken scratch. The same goes for artists, who want to be able to draw or paint directly on the surface. Ten One Design, the makers of the Pogo Stylus and Pogo Sketch Pro, are working on a major new product for the new iPad that takes the stylus to a whole new level. Pressure sensitivity. Yeah, you heard me. A pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad, it makes my mouth water just thinking of the possibilities. You can find out more, and see a video demonstration by visiting their website.  ...

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I saw a job posting recently for an 'Unpaid Intern Web Designer' that asked for a full ecommerce website that would help him to launch his business, and YOU could be the one to help him out and reap the rewards. Really? Let's take a look at what's wrong with this situation. First. If you run a business and want to launch a website to promote your product(s) and/or services, should you be looking for unpaid interns to give you the kind of website that will retain visitors with a visually pleasing design and excellent user experience? Probably not. Granted, there are a few talented newbies out there who are being taken advantage of in this manner, but they learn quick and usually leave for paying gigs very quickly (if you manage to find one).  Second issue. Web designers/developers who have the skills to put together such a website are not looking to give...

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Here it comes again. I really wish I knew where the pipes led from big media companies, because they LOVE to flush billions of dollars down the toilet without a second thought. It another effort to curb piracy, this time specific to HD media, Fox and Warner Brothers have tag teamed with Western Digital and Sandisk to form the SCSA (Secure Content Storage Association). They are looking for new ways to lock your content, get this, while being 'invisible to users'.  How about this? Instead of wasting all this money, drop the DRM and spend your money on coming up with an iTunes killer. Apple has proven over and over again that people are willing to pay for good content with a good solution that allows them to put their media where they want to. You're NEVER going to stop piracy, and the money being spent is not increasing revenues nor is it...
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