From Engaging Talks to Educational Workshops


Kray loves to captivate others and help them to succeed, and it comes out in his talks. He's spoken and held workshops for the general public and private groups.

If you would like to have him come speak, or wanted to see if he will speak on something specific, don't hesitate to reach out. Here are some of the speaking engagements and workshops that Kray has participated in.

Kray standing in front of a screen showing title of presentation "Marketing your ecommerce business"

Paintball Extravaganza

Memphis, TN
Speaking as an employee of Shopify I spoke on Marketing your ecommerce business and walked through building a Shopify store. This event is the only stand alone industry event for vendors in the Paintball/Airsoft/Laser Tag industry.

Social Kelowna

Kelowna, BC
Speaking as an employee of Shopify, I gave a talk on Marketing Technology Stacks (MarTech). I discussed the importance of understanding your processes before reviewing products to fill those needs. This all day event was put on by Social School.

Okanagan CoLab

Kelowna, BC
Speaking as an employee of Shopify, I gave a slightly modified version (for time) of my Ecommerce is Dead presentation. I also did another talk titled If You Build It, They Won't Come, discussing the importance of trust and understanding your target audience.
Kray speaking at Lakehead University

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay, ON
Speaking as an employee of Shopify for Global Entrepreneurship Week, I talked about the current state of Commerce in Canada and how Shopify can help entrepreneurs of all stages flourish and achieve their goals. We also held a breakfast roundtable for local business'.
iMac on table with Work Room desktop image and wall of work room graphics in the background.

Work Room

Los Angeles, CA
The Shopify Work Room event in LA was put on to assist local merchants in preparing for BFCM. Throughout the week, I had 1:1 consultations with dozens of merchants in an effort to help them better understand and take advantage of the biggest sales days of the year. I attended as an employee of Shopify.
Kray on stage at Shopclass Vancouver


Whitehorse, YK | Vancouver, BC | Calgary, AB | New York, NY | New Orleans, LA
A cross Canada tour presented by Shopify. I presented the Getting Started with Shopify talk to kick off the days at the event. We spoke about the basic capabilities of Shopify and what can be accomplished through the Admin. I also did 1:1 meetings with merchants throughout the day. I attended as an employee of Shopify.

Kelowna Women's Shelter

Kelowna, BC
I did a small workshop called Protecting Yourself Online to the councellors at Kelowna Women's Shelter. They were enabled to teach the residences how to disable features on their mobile phones that could track their locations or reveal too much personal information.
Kray on stage at How Design Live

HOW Design Live

Chicago, IL
My talk was called The Phisher's Guide To The Internet. I spoke about using Front-End Frameworks to accelerate your development of websites, apps and mock-ups. I built a website live on stage, showing attendees how it can be done with a basic knowledge of HTML and design.
Kray speaking in a board room to the NACAD participants

NACAD Conference

Calgary, AB
I gave a talk called Moving Forward With Digital Communications for the North American Club Athletic Directors Conference. We focused on shifting mindsets into delivering messages across current communications with a heavy focus on mobile-first.
Title Slide of the Presentation - Mobile First Design

Northstar Tech

This private talk on Mobile-First Design Strategy was given to a group of designers, developers, quality assurance and product managers at Northstar Technologies to better understand user experience across all areas of design for mobile.

Alyson Mackay

Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Lakehead University
"Kray did a guest speaking event for me in Thunder Bay and I was beyond impressed. He was very organized and extremely personable. In 2 days he did three talks and his enthusiasm could still be seen though it all. He was extremely knowledgeable and an overall pleasure to work with."
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